Proshock ice

Proshock Ice™ is a device for non-invasive treatments of localized fat and fibrotic cellulite reduction. It uses an innovative and patented technology denominated "Ice-shock-lipolysisTM". This methodology incorporates two technologies: Cryolipolysis and Shock wave. The methodology changes the world of cryolipolysis rendering it faster and absolutely less invasive with results that are immediately visible even on fibrotic cellulite. Cryolipolysis allows adipose cells to change from a state of Gel to SOL quickly, while the shockwave breaks them reducing their volume. The drastic decrease of cellulite is due to the vascular exercise realized through the ICE probe with passages from warm to cold and the Shock-wave probe that works by breaking the fibrous septs and improving circulation.


• Localized fat
• Edematous cellulite
• Fibrotic cellulite