Start up course

To reach the goals set out in the easiest way, we strongly believe that training courses we provide for Anti Aging Centers on equipment and consumables are of paramount importance. , The dates of the courses will be established upon signing of the contract. We review all the steps that will instantly allow you to make your work successful.


  • We offer 5 working days during which our staff, including managers and doctors will help you with the presentations using the deep knowledge of all our products and equipment.
  • All travel costs will be covered by the franchisee excluding hotel, lunch and dinner fees
  • We recommend inviting doctors and aesthetists to fulfill theoretical (in the morning) practical courses (in the afternoon) while a manager of the future Anti Aging Center will be following the commercial part of the course.
  • The course consists of 2 parts: theory and practice during which our medical staff will train you on patients.
  • At the end of the week both doctors and assistants will receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Our scientific staff will always be available to respond to all your questions and doubts